We don’t just provide security, we offer it with integrity and commitment!

Western Canada Security is an acclaimed group that follows superior risk evaluation and reputed security agents dedicated to protecting our client’s properties and assets. Our team of experienced security professionals is dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction. Services we offer are listed below.

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Services we are offering

Western Canada Security an ultimate solution for safeguarding

We are a dynamic team of dedicated and highly trained security professionals committed to providing you with reliable, innovative, and high quality security services all over Vancouver Island and the Greater Vancouver area.


Western Canada Security is your first choice for a full-service security company. We provide unarmed security officers along with round-the-clock patrol services.We deliver the highest level of services through customized solutions to fit your needs.

Crime prevention by uniformed security officers

Our extensive security coverage for your assets and property cover the following

  • Access control
  • Visual deterrence
  • First-aid attendant
  • Fire, Drugs, and Liquor watch
  • Contractor watch
  • Overnight security

Asset protection and risk management

When it comes to protecting our clients’ assets, we leave no stone unturned. Our security strategy team works closely with clients to ascertain their requirements and deploy appropriate solutions. With Vancouver Island’s finest plain-clothed Loss Prevention investigators and trained uniformed guards, we are obligated to provide the best protective services to our clients' people and property

CCTV monitoring

We offer remote and on-site round-the-clock CCTV monitoring services with prompt security alerts and will notify law enforcement depending on the severity of alerts. Any unusual or suspicious activity can be remotely and safely investigated leading to a quick and efficient approach preventing further damage to life and/or property.

Mobile Security Patrolling

Our mobile security squad will monitor your unguarded assets and ensure peace of mind. Investigation through CCTV monitoring might lead to quick dispatch of a mobile security unit to address and neutralize the threat. Our team offers personal consultations and will sit with client teams to discuss their patrolling area and frequencies.

Foot/Vehicle Traffic and Parking Enforcement

We help our clients coordinate the flow of people, assets and vehicles. We have an in-house expert team that can handle traffic and parking enforcement tasks in various settings. Security teams have been very effective in the smooth operating of various businesses and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security and Concierge for Project Development

Our service excellence helps our clients manage the front desk for their property. Our concierge services help clients with the smooth security flow of their projects. Professional security services provided from the very beginning of development projects tend to stay forever even after the completion of projects.

Executive Concierge and Personal Protection

Western Canada security provides expert executive services with our seasoned team of professionals and is ready for concierge needs for high-class patrons. We are willing to provide executive personal protection to important public figures that tend to get unwanted public attention.

Events and Business Crowd Control

We are experts in event and business crowd control as we assure the peaceful and smooth execution of the events our clients organize. Busy weekends, operating with public health guidelines, dealing with intoxicated guests; we got you!


Western Canada security is always there whenever a client is in need! We are obligated to provide emergency security coverage anytime, anywhere to any client’s location. Our team is available on-call and ready to handle most security situations. We maintain close liaisons with enforcement authorities for quick escalations.

    CRIME Scene security

    To maintain the integrity of a crime scene, it is a vital component to secure the area and evidence. Western Canada security officers are capable of maintaining controlled entry into the secured premises by giving access only to authorized investigators while maintaining a security log book.


      • Personal/Family Protection
      • Mobile security patrolling
      • Concierge
      • Watchman
      • Property watch for various occasions
      • Security for family events
      • Away from home, Residence surveillance and security

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